Hot Ones :: The Last Dab APOLLO Hot Sauce
Blair's Mega Death Sauce. As seen in Australia on HOT ONES.
Blair's Mega Death Sauce. As seen in Australia on HOT ONES.

Hot Ones :: The Last Dab APOLLO Hot Sauce

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Sean Evans eats a chicken wing on his You Tube show Hot Ones

The Last Dab: Apollo joins the Hot Ones line-up as the new king of Mt. Scoville, hero of hot sauces, and crusher of celebrities and chilliheads alike. The Apollo Pepper has been carefully bred and nurtured by Guinness World Record holding chili breeder Smokin’ Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Co from prized strains of his famed Carolina Reaper and Pepper X. The Apollo brings this heritage to new heights of capsaicin, packing a more concentrated punch than any of its forebears. The flavour of The Apollo comes from the sweetness of Carolina Reaper, tinged with the earthiness of Pepper X - it’s a culinary powerhouse. The heat profile of The Apollo Pepper is akin to having your head slowly lit aflame. You feel the fire consume your entire skull, your tongue smoulders, burning tears pour from your eyes. And then, five minutes later, the ride is over, your heart rate returns to normal, the panic subsides. This pepper is like no other.

The Last Dab: Apollo is the only sauce in the world made with the Apollo Pepper. This sauce is made from only The Apollo Pepper and very little vinegar. The pepper takes three forms in this sauce: fresh peppers, dried peppers, and distilled pepper oil (made using CO2 extraction, similar to how the highest quality essential oils are made).

Did you know? The Last Dab APOLLO was featured on Season 13, and every season since, of the hit YouTube web series Hot Ones. Hot Ones is a wildly popular YouTube show that features celebrity interviews with a unique twist - the guests must consume progressively spicier hot wings while answering probing questions. The combination of fiery challenges and insightful conversations creates an entertaining and often hilarious experience that has captivated millions of viewers worldwide.

HEAT RATING: EXTREME (2 million+ Scovilles)

INGREDIENTS: The Apollo Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, The Apollo Pepper Powder, The Apollo Pepper Distillate.

SIZE: 150ml

DISCLAIMER: This product contains the hottest known ingredients on the planet. Please use with extreme caution.

Blair's Death Sauce Australia - Making Aussie's FEEL ALIVE since 1999.

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